Transcend Your Sunday Service
"Stop beating your head against the wall and embrace video to reach people far from God."
Make Change Happen
with Church Video Blackbox
  • Reach Your Ideal Audience! We’ll show you how to write high impact scripts to reach your “Ideal Member” using short video messages.
  • Shoot & Edit Video! You’ll learn how to shoot professional looking video and edit it in just a few short minutes.
  • Share It & Grow! We’ll show you how to leverage free resources like Youtube and Gmail to share your message.
RECAP: 10 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Church
  •    1: Become a Real Person to People
  •    2: As Invitations to Your Services or Upcoming Series
  •    3: Great Way to Follow up with First Time Attenders
  •    4: As a Sermon Call to Action Follow Up
  •    5: For Volunteer Recruiting
  •    6: For Volunteer Training
  •    7: For Volunteer Appreciation
  •    8: To Promote Big Events
  •    9: As a Support Piece to Your Stewardship Training 
  •  10: To Reinforce the Vision
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